"My story"

No third person talk here. I would rather be genuine and embarrass myself before you with a story. A story about a nerdy kid too shy, socially awkward, and pathetically nervous to talk to pretty girls. So instead, I painted them. Beauty controls the world. All men pursue her; all women admire or strive to be her. Even the religions of the world showcase her. Show me a painting of an ugly Virgin Mary, a homeless looking Buddha or an out of shape Hindu Goddess. Instead of being like the cool kids who went out, had social lives and did stuff, I stayed home watching Anime, drawing and painting beauty, gathering inspiration from countless sources. Fast forward many years, I am still that nerdy fellow creating provocative visuals blending experimental urban futuristic pinups filled with cultural mash-ups, musical eroticism, deep emotion, robotic fashion forwardness, exotically tanned curvaceousness with a twist of religious-spiritual-social consciousness. Success for me is simple. At the end of the day the only thing that matters in my "success" as an artist is.... does my art move you? Can you feel my passion through the colors, shapes, textures and concepts that are spilling out of my brain for you to enjoy? Thank you for stopping by.


Born and raised in New York City , Pin-up artist Derek Santiago studied  at Fashion institute of Technology with a BFA in Fine arts. He's been featured in numerous art shows on the East coast and has over a decade of experience in illustration, textile and graphic design, Fine art, advertising, fashion art,cartooning, comic book art, and animation for clients like Levis, Heineken, Coors Brewing Company.Target, Mattel, DC Comics, Marvel Entertainment, Hasbro,WWE, Dreamworks, Nickelodeon and many many more.

Being a lover of old craftmenship and all things vintage over the past few years his focus has shifted from commercial jobs  to vintage pin-up artworks often drawing inspiration from a wide spectrum of sources calling himself a "cultural remixer." making classic bombshell beauties with a futuristic treatment. He currently runs his pin up portrait business over at Riceandbeanz.net